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Hedi Rian is the author of Øcu Aidyl series and Founder & CEO of JoyTrigd. She is shaping the company into a multi-platform storytelling world, at the heart of which Hedi is turning her own childhood experiences into a series of 7 fantasy novels centred on Øcu Aidyl – an 11 yr. old girl in the first book, growing into an 18 yr. old young woman in the last. All set in a richly built and easily expandable universe designed to stand the test of time.

How It All Began

Born and raised in Iran, as a child Hedi Rian secretly devoured a library of banned books, absorbing the history lessons from empires, wars, and revolutions. Then, against the backdrop of the continuing regional conflict, 11-year-old Hedi announced to her parents that, despite incredible odds, she’d be leaving the country when she grew up to pursue her dreams.


At the time, moving to another nation was a dream as foreign to her as a distant star. But after completing her Bachelor of Software Engineering in Tehran, she emigrated to Montreal to obtain her Master’s degree.

As a little girl, Hedi always wanted to help other kids rise to become ‘Dream Doers’ like her – by creating a path to thriving, not just the battle of surviving! Living in Canada since 2011, now with dual citizenship, her move from East to West crystalised and enabled that dream.

Her mission is to help kids, especially young girls, to navigate through this ‘digital’ life, by not seeking validation, but focusing instead on roadmap & execution.

Starry Sky

“You’ve created a rich and complex fantasy world, full of such imaginative details, and themes that would be inspiring for any reader.”

Executive Editor, Major Publisher, US