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Starry Sky
“I would call Øcu Aidyl and the Unborn Secret a 'timely' book, ripe for the new generation of YA readers, as it well reflects this moment in the world. But there is a sense in which the book is 'timeless' as well.”

Managing Director, Major Publisher, Canada

Hedi Rian’s early life experience and growing up in Iran inspired the electrifying journey that Øcu Aidyl will take in the 7-part fiction book series, filled with adventure and imagination.


Entering a magical world, the fans will follow an empowering, sincere and complex protagonist as she endures and triumphs over injustice, dictatorship, narcissism, greed, privilege, power, and control through the books’ themes, plot, and characters.


All themes this Iranian-Canadian author has experienced in her own life journey to date.  In addition, an educational toolkit has been developed to help readers to apply the learnings from Øcu Aidyl’s odyssey into their own lives to unleash their potential.

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Book + NFTs
Coming in 2023

The first book of the series launches in 2023 accompanied by an exclusive NFT collection, designed to reward our early adopters and superfans.

Starry Sky

“The care and thought you have put into this project were evident, and your enthusiasm contagious! Certainly your world-building is vast and imaginative!!”

President, Major Publisher, US